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1.1 The term "Tournament" refers to a completed series of competitions between the teams participating in the Tournament. The winning team is determined in the course of the Tournament.

1.2 Regular Winners Beach Volleyball Tournaments are held daily throughout the calendar year.

1.3 Each Tournament is assigned a unique number according to its date.

1.4 Athletes who have attained the age of majority are allowed to participate in the Tournaments. All competitors must be duly accredited and obtain clearance for participation issued by Tournament organizers.

1.5 One team consists of two athletes that are assigned to each other. Within the Tournament, an athlete can only be assigned to and perform for a single team.

1.6 In the occurrence of force majeure events (injury, disqualification, etc.), a participant’s substitution and a new team creation are allowed.

1.7 All match results are recorded in the standings and included in the official Tournament statistics.

1.8 Teams’ rankings are formed based on match results and a team’s statistics.

1.9 Tournaments are conducted at the dedicated beach volleyball venues.

1.10 Compliance with all health and sanitary requirements is mandatory for both Tournament participants and organisers.


2.1 Winners Beach Volleyball Tournaments are held following the Official Beach Volleyball Rules approved by the International Volleyball Federation.

2.2 After each game, the players change sides of the field. In a game of up to 15 points, the sides are switched after a team scores 8 points.

2.3 The Tournament can involve 4 - 5 teams. The Tournament is held in a round-robin one-round system. The number of played games depends on the number of teams participating in the Tournament:

- If the Tournament involves four teams, each team plays three games.

- If the Tournament involves five teams, each team plays four games.

2.4 The drawing method and the event calendar are formed based on the number of teams participating in the Tournament.

2.5 One-round game order, each against the other:

Option 1. A group of 4 teams:

      1 round      2 round      3 round

          1-4                1-3               1-2 

          2-3               4-2              3-4

      4 round      5 round      6 round

          4-1                3-1                2-1 

          3-2               2-4               4-3

Option 2. A group of 5 teams:

      1 round      2 round      3 round

          1-5               2-5              2-4 

          4-3              Х-4             5-3

          2-X              1-3.              Х-1

               4 round      5 round      

                   1-2                3-2                

                   4-5               5-X 

                   3-X               1-4


Option 3. A group of 6 teams:

    1 round      2 round      3 round

         1-6               5-1               1-4 

         2-5              6-4              5-3

         3-4              2-3.             6-2

               4 round      5 round      

                   3-1                 1-2                

                   4-2               3-6 

                   5-6               4-5  

2.6 At the end of each match, athletes receive points:

- 2 points for victory;

- 1 point for defeat.

2.7 If  several teams have an equal number of points at the end of the Tournament, the standings are distributed under the following criteria:

- The highest number of points scored in head-to-head matches;

- The biggest difference between won and lost sets in head-to-head matches.​

- The biggest difference between won and lost sets in all Tournament matches;

- The biggest difference between scored and lost points in all matches of the Tournament;

- The number of points scored in all Tournament matches.


3.1 All Tournament participants are obliged to know the Official Beach Volleyball Rules and follow them.

3.2 Communication between teammates during the game is not forbidden.

3.3 In their relations with referees, opponents, spectators, and sports organizations, Tournament participants must follow the Rules Of Fair Play.

3.4 Competitors must respect and accept judges' decisions with dignity. In controversial situations, only the team captain is authorized to ask the referee about the reasoning behind the decision.

3.5 To resolve a dispute, the contestants may request a video replay. Each team may request no more than one video replay per game. The referee decides whether or not to watch the video replay and resolves a disputed situation.

3.6 Competitors are prohibited from taking any actions (including site positioning) aimed at concealing sporting mistakes and affecting the referees' decisions.


4.1 The preparation of sports venues and the safety of participants during competitions are carried out in accordance with the existing legislation "On the procedure for the preparation of sports facilities and other places intended for mass sports, cultural and recreational events".


5.1 If a match cannot be performed due to technical problems, it is declared “Cancelled”.

5.2 A match that has been interrupted for more than 10 minutes due to technical problems and cannot be completed until those problems are rectified is considered “Cancelled”.

5.3 Cancelled matches cannot be rescheduled; they retain their "Cancelled" status.

5.4 If one of the competitors is injured during the competition and fails to end the match, the competitor’s team is deemed to have lost the match.

5.5 An injured competitor’s team will be able to complete the Tournament if the medical staff allows the injured competitor to participate in other scheduled competitions. Admission is granted upon a medical report stating that the injury will cause no harm to the athlete's health and will not affect the team’s performance in the following matches of the Tournament.

5.6 If an injury prevents an athlete from participating in the remaining matches of the Tournament, the team of the injured contestant is declared 0-2 defeats in all remaining matches (0:21 and 0:21 respectively), if a replacement for the injured athlete is not found.

5.7.  If a team is declared "Defeat" due to an injury to one of its players during the competition, his partner may continue to participate in the Tournament by forming a team with another member of the Winners League if the rating of the newly formed team is equivalent to the rating of the eliminated team.

5.8. Substitution of teams is permitted after the first or second match, provided that the new team participates in at least two matches throughout this Tournament.

5.9. The eliminated team's outcome is recorded in the standings, while the new team enters the Tournament with a score of 0.

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