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CyberLive!Arena Launches New Division in Poland

Winners Sports Hub is thrilled to announce that CyberLive!Arena, a professional esports league, has opened its doors in Poland. The new modern facility is designed to provide esports enthusiasts with an unforgettable gaming experience.

We are excited to see that CyberLive!Arena has chosen Poland as the location for its new esports center. The venue is equipped with the latest gaming technology, including PS5 consoles, high-speed internet, and top-of-the-line gaming peripherals. This ensures that players can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted gameplay while participating in tournaments, events, and casual gaming sessions. For the time being, CLA Poland will host eFootball competitions from 9:00 to 0:00 (UTC+2), with all of them being live-streamed on the division's specific Twitch channel, which is accessible at https://www.twitch.tv/cyberlivearena1.

We anticipate that the Polish division will eventually join the CLA EuroCup since we know that Polish gamers will give the competitions their all and make them a tremendous success.

We have some top-tier players in the mix to give you a taste of the thrilling competitions that are in store. Biczu, ANTEK, Osken, Orzehovy, Sugar, Damianek, Mrowinho, Shark06, DameDolla, and UDiplomat are among the participants. We wish them all the best of success and anticipate seeing them win the competition.

With CyberLive!Arena's opening, Poland is now poised to become a major destination for esports tournaments and events. This new division is expected to attract top-tier gamers from around the world who will compete for cash prizes and prestige in various games and events.

At Winners Sports Hub, we are dedicated to promoting the growth and development of esports as a legitimate competitive sport. We believe that CyberLive!Arena's opening will help to further advance this goal, by providing gamers with a state-of-the-art venue that is second to none.

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