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CLA Updates eBasketball Tournaments

We are excited to announce that starting from October 9, our partner CyberLive!Arena is transitioning all of their eBasketball events to the newly released NBA2K24.

Innovative ProPLAY Technology will allow new 2K titles to bring real NBA footage to life within the gaming environment. There are also multiple enhancements of game mechanics and the return of fan-favorite game modes. All these features will bring CLA eBasketball tournaments to a new level.

This transition will apply to both CLA EuroCup and regular eBasketball tournaments, though the number of events will remain unchanged.

We consistently go above and beyond to ensure the events we support meet the highest current standards, whether in sporting equipment or video games. We believe this shift to the latest eBasketball title will propel CLA events to unprecedented heights.


Team WSH


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