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CyberLive!Arena Launches First International Tournament: CLA EuroCup

The CyberLive!Arena esports league has announced the debut of the CLA EuroCup, its first international competition. The three-stage eFootball tournament will feature twelve of the best players from across the CLA divisions competing for the title of absolute champion.

The event will start with two weeks of Daily Qualifiers from Monday through Friday. This stage comprises round-robin divisional tournaments played at Legendary level in Kick-Off mode, with the best four players from each division progressing to the Group Stage.

During the Group Stage, players will compete using Ultimate Team mode in a Bo2 format. The Playoff will take place every two weeks on Sundays and will feature a double elimination bracket, Bo3 format, and the Ultimate Team mode once more.

The CLA EuroCup Rules and Regulations have been carefully made to make sure that all competitors are treated fairly and on an equal level. Any violations of gameplay, behavior, or sportsmanship guidelines may result in penalties or disqualification from the event.

Those who did not qualify for the CLA EuroCup will still be able to participate in Regular late-night Tournaments, which will follow the usual format. These competitions provide players with an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and strategies in a healthy competitive environment.

In addition to the new tournament format, CyberLive!Arena will update its website structure to include a dedicated CLA EuroCup page featuring schedules, results, and player statistics. In between live broadcasts, you may also expect to see new lineup widgets.

The CLA EuroCup has already begun its countdown, so fans can anticipate an amazing and thrilling experience and prepare to be captured by the ULTIMATE BATTLE OF SKILLS AND PASSION!


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