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EPC Transforms eBasketball Tournaments

Exciting changes are on the horizon for EPC eBasketball events! Starting on the 13th of November, all EPC eBasketball Euroleague tournaments will transition to NBA 2K24. It is important to note that the overall number of events and their schedule will remain consistent.

The Euroleague has been gaining significant traction globally, with its popularity expanding rapidly each year. Although Euroleague teams will not be officially included in NBA 2K24, their addition will be facilitated through a community project. This underscores the strong demand and enthusiasm within the fan base and fuels hopes for an authentic Euroleague gaming experience.

This strategic shift is poised to elevate EPC esports competitions to new heights by granting players access to all the enhancements of the latest game version. The WSH team also goes consistently above and beyond to ensure that the events we support adhere to the most current standards, whether it is sports equipment or video games.


Team WSH


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