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Esport Pro Club Launches Tournaments in Croatia

We are excited to announce that our partners, Esport Pro Club, are opening a Croatian division on the basis of our esports arena in Zagreb, Croatia. In this regard, from now eFootball and eBasketball Euroleague tournaments will be exclusive to EPC Croatia.

With that said, some of the talented Croatian players has already joined EPC ranks; you can get to know them at https://www.esportclub.pro/players. If you are also interested in joining, feel free to complete the application form at: https://www.winnershub.net/get-involved-epc-form

It is also worth noting that the Croatian division will be operating under the patronage of the Esports Association of Croatia (ESUH). They are committed to ensuring that all of the necessary fair play policies are upheld and that players are treated equally.

This is a huge step for EPC, and, as we believe, made in the right direction. With the help of ESUH’s experienced coaches, the synergy created between divisions will surely allow both of them to foster mutual growth and success.


Team WSH

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