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Going digital: Winners streamlines the collection of statistical data.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

We are convinced that statistics are one of the most valuable tools for boosting the personal performance of Winners League members and drawing the audience's attention to our sports competitions. With a plethora of statistical data at your fingertips, you can thoroughly examine sports performance, make accurate predictions of match outcomes, and track competitors' progress from event to event.

Winners' analysis methods were revamped in response to the digital transformation trend, leading to a faster collection of tournament data and the integration of multiple components into one information environment.

We've recruited a professional team of 50 veteran matchmakers. One of them is always on-site at the sporting venue, keeping a close eye on the match as it progresses. Real-time updates are no longer interrupted thanks to ultra-fast data transmission.

All key statistical indicators are calculated and aggregated using an in-house software-analytical system.

Due to automation, the data on the number of matches played, wins, losses, won or lost sets/games, and the win rate are always exact and constantly updated live on the Winners Statistics Center page. On top of that, viewers can check up-to-the-minute player stats in the lineups for our matches before the live stream begins.

As of right now, Winners hosts more than 300 events every month across two sports leagues, and the number of people watching the online streams on the official Winners channels has already surpassed one million.

Shortly, Winners will continue to move towards digitization, integrating machine learning technology into data collection and processing operations, thus making tournaments appear more prominent, more impactful, and more entertaining.

Join the Winners — let’s win together!

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