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Join WinCup: The Game Is On!

Winners Sports Hub hosts major professional table tennis and beach volleyball competitions. Among these, WinCup professional table tennis series is of particular interest due to its unique competition format.

WinCup tournament series is well-known in Eastern Europe and beyond. The first tournament took place in August 2018. The atmosphere of the Table Tennis World Championships in Las Vegas has inspired the competition's organizers, composed of real tennis veterans. They've decided to join forces and develop a tournament concept that would enable players to exchange experiences while learning new playing styles and tactics and reaching their full potential.

The project "WinCup" - is a series of regular table tennis tournaments in a unique format-came from the organizers' long-term expertise in sports management and a strong desire to contribute to the development of their favorite sport. Players and fans alike will enjoy the tournaments' dynamic nature thanks to a round-robin format wherein eight players compete against each other on two tables.

More than 300 professional players compete in WinCup tournaments (the minimum level for admission to the competitions is Candidate for Master of Sports). The Regulations are based on the International Table Tennis Federation's Official Rules of Table Tennis (ITTF).

Organizational consistency and a tight-knit sports fan base distinguish WinCup tournaments in the sporting world.

Join WinCup - the Game Is On!


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