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Winners Sports Hub: United Through Sports!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Dear colleagues, competitors, and fans!

Welcome to Winners Sports Hub, an international sports platform that brings together organizers of professional fast sports and esports competitions. We are united through sports and a shared goal: to build a global ecosystem for world-class sports and esports tournaments!

It's no secret that sporting organizations' performance is closely tied to the personal achievements of their members and the visibility of their brands in the respective sports communities. Our strong belief, however, is that genuine success can only be achieved when these two aspects begin to actively interact with each other, utilizing state-of-the-art tools (modern sporting venues, high-quality online broadcasts, in-depth tournament statistics, etc.). As evidenced by the history of world-famous sporting organizations, joint action far outperforms the effects of its separate components.

Today, Winners Sports Hub consists of nine modern, fully-equipped sports locations for professional sports events that total 2000 m².

We work with the biggest professional table tennis and beach volleyball tournament organizers. More than 10,000 games are played each month in the WinCup and Winners tournaments, with more than 1,000 professional athletes participating. Many of them have competed in and won national and international championships.

All Winners Sports Hub events are streamed live. The analytics and in-depth statistics, alongside players’ rankings and win rates, are available for each game and updated in real time.

Thus, by expanding our infrastructure and offering comprehensive technical support for sporting events, we make sports more available and accessible to everyone: organizers, competitors, and sports fans!

On the WSH website you can learn more about Winners and WinCup tournaments, check events schedule and players’ rankings, watch matches online and more.

Stay tuned for updates to keep up with your favorite tournament.

Thank you for being a part of our community - and for keeping in touch with us!

Team Winners Sports Hub


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