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Winners Sports Hub welcomes a new partner in Poland: the TT PRO.CUP professional league!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Winners Sports Hub is excited to announce a new partnership with the Polish professional table tennis league, TT PRO.CUP. The new venue, located in Warsaw, offers everything needed to host professional competitions, including a fully equipped modern court and sporting equipment from leading manufacturers. This long-awaited event is a significant step forward towards WSH's global strategy to expand its presence in Europe.

The organizers' desire to popularize their favorite sport prompted the concept of regular table tennis tournaments in a new format. And it was through their many years of experience in sports management that TT PRO.CUP went from idea to reality.

The daily TT PRO.CUP events will be held in a round-robin format for men's and women's individual standings. The top spots in the ranking will be contested by professional athletes, including winners and finalists in numerous national and international competitions.

Athletes of different degrees of sportsmanship will compete in multiple divisions. Totaling six, these divisions are ranked according to the TT PRO.CUP Rankings point scale as follows:

  • Basic from 0 to 39.99

  • Advanced from 40 to 59.99

  • Professional from 60 to 79.99

  • Master from 80 to 99.99

  • Star from 100 to 119.99

  • Elite from 120 to 140

Athletes' scores will be directly related to the outcomes of all matches played. Each tournament's results will be factored into a new overall rating, with the top performers immediately moving up a level.

The TT PRO.CUP event calendar is divided into four seasons, each lasting three months. A series of qualifying matches will be played at the beginning of the season, with the top four scorers advancing to the finals. The season champions from each division will compete in the TT PRO.CUP Grand Final, which will take place in September.

Competitor's individual performance history can be found in the leaderboard, which will be updated after each game. Our mission is to grow the sport, so we're crossing our fingers that this new take on the tournament will draw in fans of all stripes.

If you share our passion for world-class table tennis, you may watch the matches live on our website or on the Twitch streaming platform.

And if you are a professional athlete (CMS is the minimal level of entrance), we invite you to compete in our events! Registration is already open here: https://www.winnershub.net/get-involved-ttprocup

Play it forward with TT PRO.CUP!


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