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Winners Table Tennis Tournaments: We Play And Win Together!

Winners Sports Hub partners are Europe's most prominent organizers of quick sports competitions. Among them, Winners is the unchallenged leader in digitizing sports events.

Winners Table Tennis Tournaments are professional, individual men's and women's competitions conducted every day throughout the calendar year.

Tournaments were first held in December 2020. Although the pandemic and the restrictive measures associated with it have become a severe challenge for the sports industry, the organizers considered the current situation a powerful incentive to find new and exciting formats and improve tournaments from a technical point of view.

To tackle the difficulties of digital transformation, the Winners team collaborated with the technicians from Winners Sports Hub and successfully completed a project to integrate widgets with players' lineups into the live broadcast interface. Real-time statistics updates make viewer's "digital experience" better and help to create a single, coherent information space.

More than 500 professional athletes compete for the top lines in the Winners Tournament Ranking; many of them have competed in and won national and international championships. And the Winners community is comprised of people who share a passion for table tennis as well as common values such as Honesty, Fairness, and Good sportsmanship.

Join Winners - Let's Win Together!

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