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1.1 The term "Tournament" refers to a full cycle of matches among participating teams, culminating in the declaration of a winner.


1.2 "Regular Winners Goal Pro Cup" short football tournaments are held weekly throughout the year.


1.3 The tournament is open to players aged 18 and above. All participants must obtain the appropriate accreditation and approval from the organizers.


1.4 Each team comprises 8 players. A player can register and compete for only one team during a given Tournament.

1.5 In cases of force majeure (such as injury or disqualification), player substitutions and the formation of a new team are permissible.


1.6 The outcomes of all matches are recorded in the official Tournament standings and statistics.


1.7 A team's ranking is based on the individual ratings of its players, combined with match results and overall team statistics.


1.8 Matches are played on specialized, stationary short football hardcourts.


1.9 Both participants and organizers are required to adhere to all prevailing health and sanitation guidelines.




2.1 Each game comprises two 8-minute halves.


2.2 Teams are made up of five players: four field players (excluding a goalkeeper) and one reserve player.


2.3 Dimensions are as follows:

2.3.1 Pitch: 22m x 14m.

2.3.2 Goal: 1.2m in height and 1.8m in length.

2.3.3 Penalty area: 2m in length with a radius of 1m.

2.4 The "penalty area" refers to the zone within the defending team's half where no defending player is permitted.


2.5 Players may be in their own penalty area while in possession of the ball.


2.6 The game has no out-of-bounds. However:

2.6.1 If the ball rebounds off the board, play continues.

2.6.2 If the ball goes out of bounds, possession is granted to the opposing team.

2.7 Each rule violation results in a team foul.


2.8 From the sixth team foul onward, the opposing team is granted a penalty shot (face-off).


2.9 Unsportsmanlike behavior can lead to a player receiving a red card, resulting in their removal for the remainder of the match. The player can be substituted after a 5-minute penalty or once the opposing team scores.


2.10 A second yellow card results in the player being suspended for 2 minutes or until the opposing team scores.


2.11 A single referee officiates the match.


2.12 Player substitution occurs without pausing the game, and it's prohibited for more than four players from a team to be on the court simultaneously.


2.13 Only one player is allowed in the opponent's penalty area during an attack.


2.14 Offside occurs when at least one attacking player is inside the opponent's penalty area at the time a goal is scored.


2.15 "Zone" refers to a situation where two or more attacking players are in the opponent's penalty area, and at least one defending player enters this area and makes contact with the ball. Possession within one's own penalty area is permissible. Zone infringements result in team fouls.


2.16 Deliberate handball anywhere on the court results in a penalty shot (face-off). In the case of an accidental handball, a team foul is called without assigning a penalty shot.


2.17 Intentionally delaying play by pinning the ball against the board for over 5 seconds results in a team foul and a yellow card. The opposing team is then given possession. While contesting at the boards is permitted, if the ball remains trapped for more than 5 seconds, the referee intervenes, and possession is given to the team that last controlled the ball.


2.18 A penalty or free shot can be taken from any position on the court. A direct shot on goal is not recognized as legitimate.




3.1 The Winners Goal Pro Cup fast football tournaments are governed by the Official Rules of Mini-Football, but with specific variations approved by the Federation of Fast Sports of Ukraine.


3.2 The Tournament can host 12 to 16 teams and is divided into two group stages:

3.2.1 The first group stage spans 3 game days: Monday through Wednesday.

3.2.2 The second group stage takes place over 2 game days: Thursday and Friday.

3.3 Teams are split into two groups for head-to-head matches in a single round-robin format. The total matches depend on the number of participating teams.


3.4 For a 12-team Tournament, both Group A and Group B will have 6 teams each. Over the span of the first group stage, each team plays 5 matches, making it 15 matches in total.


3.5 The second group stage sees the top 3 teams from both Group A and Group B forming the winners' group, while the bottom 3 teams constitute the losers' group.


3.6 The overall winner is the team with the most points in the winners' group by the end of the second stage. The last-placed team is excluded from the tournament for a week and can rejoin only after that period.


3.7 Teams are ranked in the groups based on accumulated points: 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and none for a loss.


3.8 If teams have equal points, rankings are determined as follows:

3.8.1 Points from head-to-head matches between the tied teams.

3.8.2 Goal difference in head-to-head matches between these teams.

3.8.3 Overall goal difference across all matches.

3.8.4 Total goals scored in all matches.

3.9 The match schedule and draw system derive from the number of teams in the Tournament.


3.10 All matches employ a round-robin format within each group.


Option 1. Group of 6 teams:


1 round       2 round         3 round 

     1-6               5-1                   1-4 

     2-5              6-4                  5-3

     3-4              2-3                  6-2

            4 round      5 round      

                  3-1               1-2                

                 4-2              3-6 

                 5-6              4-5




4.1 All Tournament participants must familiarize themselves with and adhere to the Official Rules of Short Football.


4.2 Team members are permitted to communicate with each other during matches.


4.3 In interactions with referees, opponents, spectators, and sports organizations, participants must uphold the principles of Fair Play.


4.4 Participants must respect and accept the referee's decisions with grace. In contentious situations, only the team captain is authorized to discuss or seek clarification from the referee.


4.5 Teams can request a video replay for clarifying disputed situations. Each team is limited to one video replay request per game. The referee holds the discretion to review the video and make the final decision.


4.6 Participants are prohibited from undertaking any actions, including specific on-court positioning, intended to obscure sportsmanship flaws or influence the decisions of the referees.




5.1 The setup and preparation of sports venues, as well as the assurance of participant safety during the tournaments, are governed by the established regulations titled "On the Procedure of Preparation of Sports Facilities and Other Places Specially Designed for Mass Sports and Cultural and Recreational Events." All aspects related to the venue's readiness and safety measures must strictly adhere to these guidelines.




6.1 In the event of technical difficulties making it impossible to hold a match, such a match will be deemed as "canceled".


6.2 Matches interrupted due to technical reasons for a duration exceeding 10 minutes, which can't be resumed after rectifying the issues, will be considered "canceled".


6.3 Matches that are canceled will not be rescheduled and will permanently retain their "canceled" status.


6.4 If a team loses 2 out of its 5 athletes to injuries during a match and lacks sufficient substitutes, that team will be handed a "technical defeat".


6.5 Injured athletes may only continue participating in the Tournament upon medical clearance. Such clearance is based on a medical report affirming that continuing won't detrimentally impact the athlete's health or the team's overall performance.


6.6 Should injuries prevent athletes from taking part in the remaining Tournament matches, and no substitutes are available, their team will be recorded as having a "defeat" with a 0:3 score for those matches.


6.7 Teams can be replaced following the first or second match, as long as the incoming team commits to playing a minimum of two Tournament matches.


6.8 While the results of the removed team will be maintained in the standings, the incoming team will begin their Tournament journey with a score of zero.

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