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Attention, talented football players!

WINNERS is now accepting applications to participate in the grand professional fast football tournament, GOAL PRO CUP!

If you're a passionate football enthusiast, this is your opportunity. We invite talented football players to join the new league in Lviv. At WINNERS GOAL PRO CUP, we value dedication, talent, and sportsmanship. Our mission is to create support and a competitive environment where players can unleash their potential. The WINNERS fast football league - new rules, new opportunities for professionals to showcase themselves in high-speed matches!

To apply and join the team, fill out the form at https://www.winnershub.net/get-involved-winners-goal-pro-cup-football. We are waiting for your application to review your profile and consider your candidacy for a spot in our league.

WINNERS GOAL PRO CUP promises to be an extraordinary event, and we want you to be a part of it. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your talent. Let's make the first season together!

Best regards, The WINNERS team


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