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Winners Beach Volleyball Tournaments: Go All-Out For Success!

The infrastructure of Winners Sports Hub is perfect for staging world-class volleyball competitions. At the same time, our digital field capabilities help tournament organizers better promote beach volleyball. Following the successful launch of table tennis events at WSH, we decided to extend our partnership with Winners to provide more opportunities for beach volleyball players.

According to the most recent reports, the beach volleyball audience totals more than 1.6 million people across 90 countries. One of the most popular competitive sports in the world, and the only beach sport on the Olympic Games agenda, has not flown under the radar of Europe's biggest tournament organizer. Thus, the first Winners beach volleyball competitions were conducted in the summer of 2020.

Today, Winners beach volleyball tournaments are regular competitions among professional athletes in team standings, played in a round-robin format. This format prevents teams from facing each other twice within the same tournament, which means that the competitors' motivation and the fans' involvement are consistently maintained at a high level.

Every month, over seventy teams participate in Winners beach volleyball events. All competitors are professional athletes, including regional, national, and world champions. All Winners tournaments are conducted under the Regulations, which were created based on the Official Beach Volleyball by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Matches are played on dedicated sports grounds with professional sports equipment.

The partnership with Winners is a striking example of effective cooperation between WSH and the tournament organizers. Teamwork at the highest professional level enables us to create the enabling environment for promoting and growing beach volleyball worldwide!

Join Winners — Let's Win Together!


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